Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We started the day off making changes in the Sugar on a Stick Customization Guide. This guide uses the publican system. We used git to get the documentation. We each made changes to the documentation and rebuilt the guide. We then each made patch files and exchanged them with another editor. We had no problems with our changes since we had changed different parts of the documentation. Some others had problems with their changes conflicting.

We then learned about Spins and ReMixes in Fedora. Specifically we learned about Sugar on a Stick. Since I didn't have a memory stick, I built a Virtual Box image that I could run on my MacBook. This follows the same basic procedure as making a bootable memory stick.

I then used git to get a copy of the Abacus application. I made a couple trivial changes to the program. Mel showed how to merge the changes back into the application.

Tomorrow I hope to work on a an existing Sugar activity which doesn't meet the SoaS Activity Criteria with several other workshop attendees.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here's some more information about me:

Robert Willhoft
Professor of Computer Science
Roberts Wesleyan College
Rochester, NY
I am attending a workshop at RIT on open source programming - POSSE RIT. Today we are mostly learning some of the common ways that people in the open source community communicate with each other. We are exploring:
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • IRC (chat)
  • Mailing lists
I have started this blog as part of this workshop.